Monday, August 9, 2010

Behind the lens

Having a blog has been a blessing. I've captured moments that I wouldn't necessarily have caught. Seeing how amazing some of our images have turned out, photographs that I'll keep forever - has been pretty cool.

You guys know what it's like when people take your photograph - a tad daunting, and you're always really hard on yourself and how you look in the images. Today I was behind the lens shooting one of my nearest and dearest, Annie. The wall in the image is in St.Kilda and is absolutely incredible. Inspiring. The sun was shining down on us and it felt so good to be snapping away. It felt right.

Vintage Marketplace is going from strength to strength. I'm so happy,proud and damn well chuffed with myself to be able to announce that our website will be launching 9th September!! The lead up to this moment has been huge. There has been tears, sleepless nights and immense joy as each step has been achieved.

Our launch party will be on this night too! It's going to be in the grooviest spot in the city. Plan, plan, plan.... Crazy times ahead!

Hope the weekend was magical. Mine was the best I've had all year. Just keeps getting better and better...


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