Sunday, August 1, 2010


Staying positive (or at least trying to) is one of my most important life motto's.
I know it sounds cheesy, maybe even too hopeful but I am completely convinced that seeing the good from all the negative stuff really helps put things in perspective. 
When one thing doesn't work, it always turns out that something better comes along. 

Jai and I are busy planning the website, new stock photoshoots, launch events (party - yeeew!!) and every single hurdle thats come our way-has honestly turned out for the best.
Corny I know, but seriously - looking at the positives in any bad situation will honestly do you wonders :-) 

So enough of all that, Check out this amazing 1970's lace dress from the latest collection. It was originally floor length and the sleeves were long. It would have frightened a nanna!
I cut the sleeves off and shortened it. Love. This dress will be for sale on our facebook fan page tonight... Don't know if I really want to part with it.

Hope you all had sunshine and chocolate filled weekend....

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