Monday, January 10, 2011

SriLanka Pt.Uno

There's nothing quite like experiencing another culture. For each and every moment that comes with it. For the highs and the lows. 

I'm sitting here mulling over ways that I can try to explain my two week holiday. It's almost 2am now and after almost 35 hours in transit - the jet lag has well and truly kicked in…

The feeling of happiness that you get from a toothless man who's smile and facial lines tell countless tales. Riding an elephant bareback through the jungle. Without exaggeration - eating the best meals that I've ever tasted (on a daily basis) from any of the countries that I have ever travelled to. Swimming metres away from hundred year old turtles. 
Sorting through precious gemstones and having not one, but several rings custom made for myself. Not having access to my mobile phone. Riding down the SriLankan coastline on a scooter, 
beeping and laughing ourselves silly. Staying at the most incredible hotel with my own private plunge pool overlooking the ocean. Having time for handwritten letters to my best friends. 
Being surrounded by people who are beaming with happiness, regardless of what material possessions they have. Being present in the moment. Knowing that i'm lucky enough to even have time off because I have the best business partner in the world. Feeling content and happy. Relaxed.

I visited towns that momentarily made me consider flinging the laptop aside, girding a sarong and taking to the simple life. However, of all the places I've been fortunate enough to travel 
to - there's always an underlying feeling of appreciation for what I have back home and the life I lead there. I am so excited for this year - for what Jai and I have planned for Vintage Marketplace. 

More details in my next post.

Until then

P.S - My out of this world, ah.mazing dress is a 'HerPony' design. Naturally. 
We've got some incredible new designs up for grabs later today!

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