Sunday, March 6, 2011


There are some places that make you feel like you've taken a small step back in time.
Fairfield Boathouse is one of those. It's one of the places. I can visit and feel as though i'm miles
away from the city, when in reality - it's only kilomotres away.

We all have those places that we go to -  your place where you can escape and feel free. This is one of those places for me. It's been quite a crazy week! Shooting models every single day (Jai and I even shot all of our three amazing models in the same day as well as Lucy managing to squeeze in an accessories shoot, epic!)  We've also seen progress in our website which makes me feel so damn excited to bring it to you all very soon. All this and moving house in the same week. For those of you looking to rent a house right now - you'll know what I mean to say that it is a HUGE relief to finally have a place to call home. Delicious.

Today was spent on a rowboat down the yarra - feeding ducks and basking in the sunshine. Drinking lime spiders and tasting my very first vanilla slice. I hope you all had brilliant weekends too. I hope the sunshine was shining down on you


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  1. No way, we went there the other day..
    Let's just say if you plan on wearing a dress, make it a maxi!