Wednesday, March 30, 2011


 I'm not sure if you've noticed but we've now got a white background to shoot our stunning models. For something that was so easy to get - finding the time to buy it was the greatest challenge. A new crisp white background, a new flash that we used today. It's like a new toy that we have to play around with. I actually love the affect it had on this overcast afternoon. The point is - we're growing and making changes.

Jais now in LA and heading to NYC on a epic buying trip. Meetings with suppliers that will change the course of our business.  Bringing you guys a new level of product. I'm actually quite envious and wish I was with him - sipping cocktails at the Standard, Reeces Pieces, flea markets - the list goes on! He called me earlier and was telling me about his meetings today - and the movie premiere that he's going to tonight, scoring NBA finals tickets.... jealous much?

You know when you have those crazy ideas where you pitch it to someone - almost worried that they may almost laugh in your face? Well I did it, I asked someone who I admire so much for their talent and beauty to come on board VMP to release something quite special together. Their answer?
"LETS CREATE MAGIC TOGETHER!" Um yes. Jumping up and down with excitement. Maybe still high from the thought of working with this person.... I'll tell you more in the coming weeks...


P.s- this HerPony dress will be available tonight at 8.30 here

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