Sunday, June 5, 2011


Meet 'Doris' our VMP mascot! Probably the best birthday gift possible. Yes, a French Bulldog, an Alexander Wang bag and some Reeces peanut butter cups... i'm pretty positive that I am extremely spoilt!

I've wanted a dog for so so long. Living in apartments hasn't let me have a pooch, but having just relocated to a house - well, it was time. She is the cutest thing ever! I can't even explain how I feel about her. It's almost quite overwhelming. Before I was lying on the couch, looking at other blogs and she was curled up on my belly sleeping. Now THAT is happiness.

Doris will come to work with me every single day. Her bed will sit between Lucy and myself - I am positive she will be showered with love. Now all we need is Jai to get his English Bulldog - and the family will be complete!



  1. Oh my word I just want to squish her she is so cute! x

  2. She looks like an old dog? How old is she?