Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kelley Ash / Vintage Marketplace Collaboration.

It's not every day the blogger of your dreams agrees to work together in creating something pretty special.

Guys - meet Kelley Ash. The dreamboat behind Wild at heart vintage. I first noticed Kelley in
an Oyster magazine editorial. I then fell in love with her blog. The rest is history.
Kelley has modelled for the likes of Prada, converse, Armani exhange and editorials such as Oyster, Tokien and Muse magazine.

It's common for companies to ask a well known designer to do a small capsule collection for their stores - I thought it would be pretty rad to get another vintage seller from around the globe to bring a small vintage collection that has been especially hand picked for you, from the other side of the world - for the VMP customer! To say that it made my day when Kelley said she would love to work with us - may just be an understatement!

The above images are from a photoshoot done exclusively for Vintage Marketplace, shot by the talented Andrew Kuykendall. The clothing in the images and more amazing vintage gems will be on sale this Sunday night at 8:00pm.

To get your own little piece of the Wild at Heart  / Vintage Marketplace collaboration - keep
your eyes peeled at 8pm this Sunday here.


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  1. The photos look great!!