Monday, July 4, 2011

Introducing VERAMEAT to VMP

Some little silver friends are keen to be meetin’ your fingers.
There’s some bycycle fun, two swans getting their pash on, my favourite - A FRENCH BULLDOG ring!! Grazing ponies to compliment your HerPony outfit... There’s even a knuckleduster to add some badass elegance to any finger sandwich. If you follow my blog, you will know that I love this designer!

The mind of New York-based jeweller VeraMeat must be a psyschedlic wonderland full of ancient mist and weapon-toting creatures of folklore. Which is no wonder, for a girl raised carving wood with her grandpa in the Ukraine, horseback riding in Utah and fashion-modelling by 14. Our paws definitely want a piece of these puppies!!

It's been a big week for VMP! The biggest stock shipment we've had to date (keep your eyes peeled this week), Kelley Ash collaboration and now.... launching VERAMEAT to our customers.

Jai and I met Vera on our last trip to NYC and had dreams of stocking her unique pieces... That dream is now a reality, aah I want to pinch myself! I feel extremely honoured to have such talented  and creative people on the VMP team.

It's all about growing people, and of course - keeping you wanting more. Hope you like!

VERAMEAT available tomorrow night at VMP at 7:30PM


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  1. if that is a wolf on the middle finger I want it!!!!