Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's Face it.

I like to think I know something about make-up. I mean I have been wearing it for years now.
Here's the thing; I actually have no real idea.  I love getting my make-up done at Mac and quizzing them over how they applied such and such. What products are their favourites, what eyeshadow would look best for my eye colour... blah blah.  Our new model Kasia Z has just launched 'Let's Face it'. A blog dedicated to all things associated with beauty- inside and out.

Kasia Z has spent over ten years on the international modeling circuit. In this time she has worked with some of the most innovative fashion and makeup teams in the world. Kasia has built up a wealth of knowledge in makeup products and trends. She has extended this expertise recently whilst training under some of Melbourne’s most respected makeup artists.  

Kasia has also spent the last four years covering Melbourne Fashion Festivals, reporting on all the backstage makeup looks and interviewing well known hair and makeup names such as Rae Morris, Max May and Kevin Murphy.
Bursting with hair & makeup knowledge, she now wants to share her skills, tips and tricks with everyone. 

Check it out here ladies. Amazing.

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