Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jazz in the park

(Vtg Moschino jeans,Swedish hasbeen clogs,Wang bag,pixiemarket lace top)
Quick pics on our way to listen to some jazz in the park near home. Literally the whole oval is covered in blankets with people laughing, drinking cider, nibbling on dips and cheeses whilst live jazz is being played. Seriously - it's one of those perfect summer nights that you sorta don't want to end.

I've had this brand new lace top hanging on my rack for at least 3 months. I have a serious on-line addiction to buying something (lots of things) new each week and most times - they just sit in my closet unworn. What can I say - i'm surrounded by amazing vintage dresses, so my 'new' clothes come second best. Anyway - paired with my vintage Moschino daisy denim jeans and Doris - you have yourself a pretty good outfit.


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