Saturday, March 10, 2012


                   (HerPony gold stripe skirt, vtg top, Swedish hasbeen clogs)
I found this hand painted unicorn denim crop top in an old run down op shop en route 
to my dads in the country. 
I contemplated selling it on Vintage Marketplace for maybe 30 seconds before I realised that I 
would never part with it.  

Road testing my new YSL hot pink lipstick today for this quick blog piece (promise it's a LOT brighter in real-life) Still trying to get used to wearing lipstick in the daytime. As soon as we finished shooting, I wiped it off.  I admire ladies that can pull off bright lipstick - but i'm still not there yet. Baby steps Kate, baby steps...



  1. Nice article, I enjoy your choice of words and I myself admire women who can pull off that awesome hot pink or velvet red Lipstick...I adore your unicorn vintage piece! and you are right in changing your mind :)
    Nice to meet u Kate..will come back often <3

  2. I love this lipstick!