Monday, June 14, 2010


Certain things automatically make you feel as though you've stepped into another time or place. Certain aromas take you back to your happiest memories and conjure thoughts of pure bliss. Thoughts that you had long forgotten about until a certain smell brought everything flooding back.

For me it's wearing red lipstick, walking past a stranger and smelling their perfume- only to think of a loved one. The comfort of my favourite childhood meal, the talented hands that fashioned my first vintage fur(faux) jacket...

Whether you keep it in a drawer, as my mother did, or in your minds eye - It's likely we all have a special outfit or item of clothing that's an emotion - loaded link to a day or time that's forever stamped in your temporal lobe.

Clothing tells the best story because it's what we live our lives in.
Happy Queens Birthday holiday! Perfect excuse for spending time with best friends, drinking and eating - getting belly aches from laughter, basking in the suns glow. 

Hope you all had a beautiful long weekend...

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