Sunday, June 20, 2010


I was going to title this new post 'Road trip dedications' and share with you just how amazing it is to have someone who makes me playlists to take on my op shopping travels. To make time on the road more beautiful, when hours driving feel never-ending. However I realised that firstly I need to introduce this person...



Everyone meet Jai. Say hello and smile politely. Hell, why not even hug it out!
Jai is my business partner in Vintage Marketplace. He is the 'Marketplace' and I am the 'Vintage'
Jai has an incredible business mind and there are times when I wonder how I would be without
his presence in this dream of mine.
As well as balancing me out whenever I go on a crazy creative streak - he is also a super
talented DJ. How lucky can one girl be? Customised playlists - check! Music teacher
and inspiration - check!

Each week we're going to post a link to our 'song of the week'... songs to inspire, love and share.

Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Heros - 'Home'

Hope you all had incredible weekends.

Happy Listening


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