Friday, June 4, 2010

First blog jitters...

Ok, I’ll admit it. Much like on a first date, I’ve been sitting here looking out the window mulling over how to sound like the best version of myself. I’m not the kind of girl who (rides motorcycles, wears fluorescent pink, shaves her head, goes skydiving i.e. insert your massive risks here!) so I feel super lucky to have found the mettle to leave my amazing job to follow my dream.

I won’t lie – it’s been scary and I’ve lay in bed some nights wondering exactly what the hell I’ve done, but I figure life’s much too unpredictable to waste your passion, so here I am.
It is here that I will, in due time, introduce you to ‘VINTAGE MARKETPLACE’. What we have coming is an Australian first and it’s all so very exciting!

I am just bursting at my vintage seams to share it with everyone. Over the next few weeks I’ll explain more.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me...

It was awful nice meeting you.

Kate x

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