Friday, June 4, 2010

O is for Opp shopping

I’m driving to the country, and I have that expectant, excited feeling I get when I'm about to go shopping. Romance makes me giddy and insecure, work is both thrilling and fraught with anxiety, but shopping (specifically, shopping for vintage clothes) is, for me, pure bliss. Since I was a young, I have lost myself at markets, opportunity shops, and vintage boutiques.

Today was no different. Once a week I go opp shopping and it’s my favourite part of the week. Nothing beats the thrill of finding that one-off amazing piece that makes you wonder how you ever managed to go on without it. Today was no different!

I’m quite partial to crochet, love it. I found this amazing 70’s white, turquoise and black jumper as well an amazing abstract animal printed dress from the 80’s! All in all, I brought about 30 other vintage gems. Some for me, most for you…

Here’s some pics of the clothes I brought today… All will be up for sale very soon….


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