Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feelin blue

Jai and I have been busy little kids this week - hence my lack of creative postings....
We have 100 items listed this week alone! There have been tears, laughter, crazy sugar highs (and lows) followed by the  'I can't post that, I look hideous' moments as well as drinking too much vino to keep us going...

Its very cool that we are learning so quickly as Vintage Marketplace is growing. We've met new amazing people from overseas and expanding our network so the support is always constant. Everyday new boxes arrive with pieces that we literally can't part with (you will never see a Miami Heat 'Miami cheat etc etc' NBA jacket for sale - well not the one Spencey has his little hands on)
Everyday we learn something new - everyday I feel thankful that I have the best job going around!

Theres the little rush we feel as each item sells - a high five exchanged then the feeling sets in - 'we need to post more stock!' As one items sells - we want to replace it with something equally as cool. Thats our mission - along with planning the best, grooviest launch ever! More on the launch next week...

Check out our new collection here
P.S - The dress featured in this post is also for sale...

Over and Out


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