Sunday, September 19, 2010


Its been too long.
Throughout all the craziness, i've missed you. Thought about how I've been neglecting you. It's safe to say that i'm back in the game.

Last week our launch took place, as well as the Sneaker Freaker & Vintage Marketplace flea markets. Both were unbelievable. The weeks leading up to the launch were stressful to say the least. No words can do justice to how Jai and I felt as we drove off on the Sunday after the market. The final event had finished.
Relief, satisfaction, elation and the feeling of this immense weight being lifted off our shoulders.

It was time for a mini getaway. All in the name of a quaint place called Daylesford.
Devonshire teas, hand-made chocolates, relaxing spa baths with sparking wine. Just what I needed.

It's funny how living in a crazy fast paced city changes you a little. You become a little impatient, somewhat always in a rush - having to get to one place, then rush to the other. You start getting too caught up in everything and take for granted the simple things in life.

Taking a step back made me feel more like myself. I spent two days in a picturesque town with no traffic, no mobile phone, smiling strangers - all shared with perfect company. I left happy and stress free, ready to come back and plan for the exciting times ahead.

Thank you all for your amazing words of encouragement. Gosh - you brightened my days during the stress and I can't thank you enough. Lastly - Thank you to Jai for sharing this rollercoater with me. You're one of my best friends as well as my business partner. Vintage Marketplace wouldn't be the same without you. Love you.


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