Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Onthe PLUS side

We listen to you. We know that the average Australian female is a size 14. We also know that all shapes and sizes should have access to all thats amazing - including vintage clothing. I receive so many emails on a daily basis - asking to increase the sizes of the garments we sell. It's been my mission, and will continue to be - to source the finest, most beautiful vintage pieces that range from size 12 onwards.

Vintage Marketplace will be releasing a capsule collection - featuring vintage pieces that range from SIZES 12-16.
I have about 25 pieces on my racks at home just waiting for the perfect home! Our photoshoot with the amazing Ebony will take place this weekend and all pieces will be available Monday to purchase from Vintage Marketplace Monday evening

We hope this makes you smile… Just sharing the vintage love   ;-)


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