Wednesday, November 3, 2010


You don't quite realise just how quickly time is passing. You're stuck in a little bubble that's your own world and it's only until you have time. Time to reflect - to sit back and let it all sink in that you are amazed by what you're creating. Helping build. Dreams becoming a reality.

So much has been happening in VMP land. Deals made. Discoveries around every corner. Discoveries like this incredible feather bag that I found in a creaky old opp shop. The entire bag is made up of tiny intricate feathers - with the peacock feather stealing the show. It's my new favourite thing. It's safe to say i'm in bag love.

I want to tell you guys just how much exciting things are around the corner - but I'm sworn to secrecy.

Can i maybe just mention that in the coming months we will be offering festival tickets in every state - tickets to gigs that are sold out!! Yep you read correctly. Sold out tickets that we have in our hot little hands, just for you peeps!

We're also working with an incredible designer from NYC who is going to do an exclusive piece for VMP, a designer who's work has graced many magazine spreads - even celebrities bodies. Oh my!

As well as all the above, adding over 150 pieces to Vintage Marketplace - we're also looking to employ someone to take charge of the ever growing accessories department. Seriously - in only 4 short months, we're employing someone! Jai and I have to pinch ourselves...

I'm off now. This week takes me on a roadtrip to Canberra town... stay tuned for the amazing gems I find along the way.

Over and out


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