Monday, November 8, 2010


I officially gave myself Friday off. Well sort of. I want to pinch myself when I realise how quickly VMP is growing. I remember the time when we would add 40 new items a week and be as proud as punch. Now - 40 items a day feels like the norm.

Friday was my day to get back to the feeling of stepping inside lust worthy old cottages filled to the brim of treasures. Sifting and sorting through each piece - not wanting to leave a shop empty handed... Canberra was my destination and it didn't disappoint. I lugged home over 30 new pieces which will be added tomorrow...

Road trips are quite brilliant. Spending time with best friends - eating copious amounts of sugary filled sweets, listening to groovy tunes and really taking time out to gather your thoughts and appreciate how damn lucky we are to be living in such a beautiful place...

Someone once said to me 'Oh it never rains in Canberra' but the only two times I've visited - it rains....
Hope you all had incredible weekends and basked in the sunshine  ;-)


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